Mommas, my first OEB


So, I was on Instagram and someone asked me what made me fall in love with Old English Bulldogges. Well if you look at that face you should understand. Mommas was my first O.E. and I rescued her from a guy who was recently paralyzed and wasn’t able to care for her. She was undernourished yet pretty friendly. As expected my 2-year-old daughter didn’t take to her right away. When I walked Mommas into the house i called for my daughter she was so excited about the dog she came running downstairs with her pet snake still in her hand. Apparently, Mommas was a scary looking dog to her . lol It took about 2 months for my daughter to warm up to mommas and welcome her to the family. My daughter soon learned that Momma is a sweet and loving dog who can be fiercely protective of her family and territory.  has a laid back temperament. She has a docile and laid back temperament but can also be playful, making her a great family pet.