Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

To assist those interested in our Olde English Bulldogges, we have answered some of the questions that we receive frequently.

If your question isn’t among the ones listed here, we’re happy to answer any questions, through the e-mail or phone.

1) Where is DMV Bulldogges located?

DMV Bulldogges is located in Maryland. We are happy to meet our local customers at our home or nearby for puppy delivery.

2) What type of dogs do you breed?

DMV Bulldogges receives a daily request for information concerning our Olde English Bulldogges, future breedings, our Bulldogge puppy prices, purchase terms, shipping cost, shipping arrangements, our puppy health and temperament guarantee, references, etc.

We primarily breed Olde English Bulldogges and we have done so since 1992.  

3) Where can I learn more about the Olde English Bulldogge?

We are always happy to share our + years of experience with these various bully breeds. The best way to do so for us is via email Another great source of information is ……

4) How do I place a deposit on a DMV Bulldogges puppy?

It’s simple, give us a call so that we can discuss the details of the puppy that you interested in, our puppy warranty and our terms purchase. We can be reached VIA email or give us a call at

DMV Bulldogges accepts a deposit up to the time that our pups are 4 weeks of age, after 4 weeks of age we require payment in full. Our deposit amount is half the purchase price of the pup. All deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred to another litter if both parties agree to do so. A deposit is a commitment by both DMV Bulldogges and the buyer and should not be given if the buyer has concerns or doubts.

5) Is it possible to cancel a deposit on a puppy already made?

No, all deposits are non-refundable and no monies will be returned. We will consider transferring the deposit to another litter if both parties can agree to do so. We do not guarantee to do so.

6) Do you ship your puppies?

Yes, we do. We can ship puppies worldwide. Over the last 20 plus years we have shipped pups to every state in the United States and over 15 countries including Canada, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Kuwait, Indonesia, Antilles, Bahamas, El Salvador, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru. We have never had a puppy death or serious issue shipping our pups. Shipping can be difficult and even stopped during the hottest times of the year, due to airline heat restrictions and that is why we use a ground transport company whenever possible. This depends on the destination.

7) What is the cost of shipping a puppy?

Ground transport is $350. This service is basically a door to door service. Puppies are shipped after 8 weeks of age as per the law. All puppies will be taken to our vets for a full exam and check up.

8) What is the price of a DMV Bulldogges puppy?

Our puppies are usually in the $1500 to $2000 but can cost more depending on the quality of the pup, the breeding and the color of the pup.

9) What form of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards, checks, money orders, and bank transfers. All checks and money orders must clear before a pup is shipped. We do not accept payments for more than the actual cost of the pup (scams).

10) What will be your next planned breeding and which pups will be available?

We usually list our planned breedings HERE or you can give us a call and we will be happy to discuss our future planned breedings.

11) Do you allow visitors to see the pups?

No, I’m sorry we do not. We are small hobby breeders and we do not have a place of business for our dogs, our dogs are kept in and at our home. We have learned the hard way over our 24 plus years of breeding that is critical for our pups health and safety that we maintain as sterile an environment as possible. There are several extremely lethal viruses that can be passed to a pup via contact or just being in the general proximity of the pups. Our main concern is always parvovirus which is an airborne virus that is highly contiguous and almost always fatal in the case of a young pup. Parvo can be carried on one’s person, clothing and shoes. We highly recommend that new pups be isolated from high traffic dog areas such as dog parks, pet stores, etc until the pup is approx 16 weeks of age and has received at least 4-5 vaccinations.

12) How do I select my DMV Bulldogges puppy?

We will provide lots of pictures of our available pups via this site and email. We prefer to speak to new owners via a phone call so that we may better assist them with the selection of their new puppy and to educate them on our breed and its suitability into their family if needed.

13) Can you provide references?

Yes, we are happy to provide customer references of past customers that have purchased puppies from DMV Bulldogges as well as those of our veterinarian.

14) What type of health and temperament guarantee do you provide?

DMV Bulldogges has gone to great lengths over the years to ensure that all of the Bulldogges used in our breeding program are healthy and of sound temperaments and thus have no known inherent health or temperament issues. We are extremely critical of the dogs used in our breeding program and screen our dogs accordingly. That having been said all DMV Bulldogges Bulldogge puppies come with a 1-year health warranty that covers major congenital issues such as severe hip dysplasia, heart issues, etc and all of our puppies come with a lifetime temperament warranty. Our puppy contract explains our health and temperament guarantees in greater details.

15) Does your Olde English Bulldogges come with registration papers?

Yes, they do. We proudly register all of our Bulldogges with both the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA) and the United Canine Association (UCA). These two registries are the two most widely accepted and recognized for our breeds. Both of the IOEBA and the UCA offer conformation shows nationally and on a regular basis.

16) Do your puppies come with their first vaccinations and wormings?

All DMV Bulldogges puppies are routinely vaccinated with a Progard 5-1 vaccine at 6 and 8 weeks of age. Our puppies are regularly wormed at 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age with Strongid T wormer. These are not complete vaccinations just the first two sets. We recommend an additional 3 – 4 vaccinations in two-week intervals. Your regular veterinarian will usually determine a vaccination schedule for your new pup.

Thank you for visiting DMV Bulldogges. We appreciate your interest in our Olde English Bulldogges.